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A New Home on the Web

January 20, 2021 — Billy

For years, I have ran a site, The .tk TLDs are provided by Freenom for free. For several years, this was working great.

One day, some friends had their domains taken for no reason, and had a lot of difficulty in getting them back. Freenom is not known for its excellent customer service. The taken domains all pointed to less than reputable destinations on the web, which further compounded the problem. No one wants to build a web presence, then pull a switch to one of these other sites.

Finally, it happened to me. In less than a week, every domain I had was taken. So, I decided to move away from using them. They would be great for a short term test, or for someone running a spam operation, but for serious work on the web, I recommend that you avoid Freenom and its .ga, .ml, .tk, etc domains like the plague they are.

Since I was moving stuff around anyway, I decided to get back into my BasHTML project. I started the project several years ago, and then got sidetracked by other things. It is coming along nicely, and I am now using it to bring a new look and feel, and hopefully some new life to the “Thoughts of a Dragon” site you all know and love. There are quite a few of the old articles that will not make the transfer to the new location, but some of them will be updated and posted here.

Composed to the sound of Stormwarrior - Norsemen - Sword of Valhalla

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