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A Long Needed update

October 24, 2022 — Billy

It’s been a long time since my last post. A lot of stuff has happened in the intervening time. Here is just a small recap of the stuff I have been doing.

Accessible Games in Linux

There are a lot more of these now than there used to be. Instead of trying to keep up with them all in my earlier post on that topic, I created an installer and launcher, similar to the Audiogame Manager project, called Linux Game Manager. It’s still very much a work in progress, but it does have a decent selection of games playable natively in Linux.

Most recently, I have been using the Toby Mod with the Freedoom package in Arch to play Doom. It is not, at the time of this writing, in Linux Game manager, but I do plan on adding it soon.

Audiogame Manager

Work has continued on my Audiogame Manager project. Lots of games have been added, and others that have been requested for a long time but did not work for one reason or another are now fixed. These include Entombed, and River Raiders. Also, thanks to the totally awesome nvda2speechd project, a lot more 64 bit games are able to be added. Before, 64 bit games would not speak because SAPI did not work.

The next big goal is to get tolk.dll working. For now, most if not all games that use it do not work.

Python Pyglet

I decided to play around with the pyglet library. While doing so, I wrote a small game called Fishin' Time. If you are interested in playing, the source is at <https://>. If you are on Windows and just want an executable file, you can download one from <>.

That about wraps it up for this post. I really need to try and write here more often.

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