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Decentralization and Peer to Peer, Why and How

March 06, 2021 — Billy

Perhaps you have come across articles in your wanderings on the internet talking about decentralization. It means that no one or two central authorities control or own the internet. This setup makes it impossible for one or two organizations to hit the kill switch for everyone. Also going decentralized and peer to peer will let the internet regulate itself instead of being corrupted to the point of not being usable. Moving services to a decentralized or peer to peer format is also a great stride toward regaining your privacy.

I have spoken with several people who have told me “I’m not doing anything wrong, let them spy on me.” This, of course, is not the point of privacy. My response to these people tends to be, if you feel that way, why not go bathe in public, at a high profile public fountain. Just strip down, right in front of everyone, in rush hour, and bathe. You’re not doing anything wrong, in fact, bathing is quite healthy, and cleanliness is a virtue.